Wanna know something? IF you do read on…..😉


I just felt the need to write a new blog post today as my life has changed so very much in the past year and a half, and I wanted to share my journey. Basically, the big change in my life started very simply, but it is something that has had a HUGE impact on my life in EVERY aspect!

In January of last 2020 I started Intermittent Fasting, also know as time restricted eating. A very simple explanation of this is that I only changed WHEN I eat, not WHAT I eat; I am already someone who eats 90% of my diet as whole foods, with little fast food or processed meals. I start my eating each day after 12pm and eat what I like between 12 and 7 p.m., but drinking all the water, black coffee/tea, or unflavoured sparkling water I like.

By doing this I am giving my body a chance to digest, heal, and use up what has been stored as fat to fuel my body throughout the day.

Let me be very clear about wording here; Intermittent fasting is a way of life, NOT a diet.

At first, not eating first thing was a little difficult as I felt a bit weak and had headaches, but once my body adjusted to it, which took about 3 weeks, I realized that I don’t NEED to eat first thing as long as I get my nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in my “window”. I am in no way starving myself as many people believe! Starving is a state you have no control over, Fasting is a state you have complete control of.

What people don’t realize is that if we eat every 2 hours to “keep our metabolism going”, “to keep our energy levels up”, “to keep our blood sugar from dipping/crashing” we are actually never giving our bodies a chance to digest and use what is in our bodies already. As long as you have more than 10% body fat as a female (and truly the only females who don’t are highly trained athletes which, let’s be honest, very few of us are) you have enough stored body fat to become a “fat burning machine” every day! If we aren’t using this body fat which is being stored as soon as we eat it, what is the point of it?!?!

My “eating window” as it is referred to by IFers (Intermittent Fasters) started out as 8 hours, but has gone down to 2-4 hours a day usually as I am able to fill my body with enough nutritious food (lots of good healthy fats and proteins, mainly “whole” foods) in a much shorter span of time, and I’m simply not hungry until this time. I no longer revolve my day around meals. I no longer revolve my life around a “grumbling stomach”. Once you start doing this you realize that hunger pains come and go, they don’t just get worse and worse. When your body becomes “fat adapted” which means that it is fueling off of stored fat rather than the quick burning carbs you just put in, you have all the energy you need. I exercise (and those who know me know I am quite intense with my exercise!) in a fasted state 100% of the time and feel incredible; NEVER lack energy. I will never go back to exercising after eatting, but more on this later. When you figure this out and instead realize that drinking water, black tea, or coffee when your stomach makes noises is enough to get you past these “moments” you realize that you have been filling yourself unnecessarily all along.

I am going to leave it at that for my 1st post about this, but I am going to continue this journey with you all for a while now as I have barely scratched the surface of this fantastic new way of life.

I have learned so much and have so many resources to share so leave comments, message me if you want more info now. Otherwise….stay tuned as I am very passionate about this and can’t wait to share more 😁💪🌞

Your Simply Susan tip of the day!

Shine on my friends🌼💛🌞

Spring has Sprung so let’s clear the clutter


I love every new season and what it brings! The change in weather is always exciting; watching those buds start on the trees and in the ground give me immense pleasure!

Another thing I love is putting away the winter gear and clothing and bringing out the spring stuff! SO, this is your perfect opportunity to clear away/donate and organize this stuff!

I like to keep under bed bins for my seasonal clothing, others have a large enough closet to keep everything, and still others have more than one closet where they can store out of season wear.

Starting with your winter clothes, pull them all out and put them on your bed. Now I mean EVERYTHING!

Now, take each piece of clothing and fold it up (or keep it on the hanger if you’re just moving it) and recall the last time you wore it. If you can’t remember put it in a pile for “Questionables”. If you didn’t wear it at all, put it in a “Donate” pile, and if you wore it and love it, put it in a “Keep” pile. Do this one at a time until the pile is gone. After going through all your clothes go back to the “Questionables” and rethink these as a “Keep” or “Donate”. Once this is done, grab a bag, toss in all the “Donate” items and put them in front of your door to go out! This way, the next time you leave the house you will take it with you and actually donate it. Don’t just put it away or store is as this will just lead to clutter somewhere else!

Ok, next I want you to go to your front hallway where all the coats, boots, hats, scarves, mittens etc. are kept. If you don’t already have them, invest in 3 bins to store outdoor winter items: 1 for accessories, 1 for coats, 1 for boots. I want you to do a similar thing here with these items. We accumulate A LOT of winter gear it seems! Not sure why, but we just do (or maybe it’s just my family lol!!) Do we seriously NEED 8 pairs of gloves/mittens, 5 scarves, 15 hats, 4 coats, and 3 pairs of boots??? Maybe a few extras for style and comfort, but we, as a society just like to accumulate “Stuff” so now is a good time to consider doing this differently! Now go through each item separately and put it in the “Donate”, “Keep”, or “Questionables” pile, and then go through the “Questionables” pile as you did above, and put in a bag the donate items, and put this by the front door.

That’s it! It’s really not as bad as you think it is! Mostly what gets people is the actual ACT of DOING it! Right now, take out your calendar and schedule in a 1 hour time slot (That is all it should take) and DO IT!! Often times when we actual schedule something in we are more likely to ACTUALLY do it!

That was pretty painless if I do say so myself!

Spring has sprung so go for a walk on the next bright day and enjoy the change of season!!!

Your Simply Susan tip of the day 😉🌼🌳

Life is good!


I am in a very good place in my life right now, so I decided I would spread the joy around.

Realizing and acknowledging the good things in your life helps you so much. So many people are negative about life and live to complain and focus on the bad in everything. Sure, we all have bad stuff going on in our life, but do you know what? It is up to you to change your way of thinking and not dwell on things that bring you down. Thoughts are like magnets; if you think of a few good things in your life they will bring forth more good thoughts and memories. The same goes for bad thoughts. I find I can spiral downward once I have a few things go wrong and end up in a deep, dark place that is quiet a challenge to dig myself out of.

I have a few helpful tips that will make your days happy if you follow them:

Smile at and say “Hi” to a stranger today! Pick your person wisely, but while you are out for your walk or walking to the GO train or whatever, smile and say “Hi!” to someone. It will surprise you how this simple thing can make both yours and someone else’s day!

Take time to give a genuine compliment to someone each day. Making someone feel good about themself will also make you feel happy.

Greet people with a smile and a Hi whenever you can. I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by a fabulous family, great friends, and a job working with people I love. I truly believe that greeting people with a big smile and a nice hello can put people at ease and make mostly all situations better!

Someone once told me a long time ago that every night when you are going to bed think of 5 things you are thankful for. This was one of the best tips I have ever received! When you remind yourself right before dozing off to sleep of things you are thankful for, that puts your mind in a good place and helps you fall asleep.

Please give these a try, you’ll be glad you did, trust me!

Remember….You can’t always control what happens, you can ONLY control how you react to what happens.❤️

Your Simply Susan quick and dirty tip of the day! 😊💛

“SQ” Products


Thank you for checking out my SQ product line!!!!!

For our family I am making a ton of products, but I have chosen to start slowly so am  currently selling 4 of them:

Body Butter:  Olive oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter, Beeswax, essential oils (optional) (Can be made scented or scent free upon request)

Lip Balm: Beeswax, Shea butter, coconut oil, essential oil (optional)

Reusable Wax sheets (use instead of zip-top bags, and/or plastic wrap) Cotton squares ( various sizes available) with melted oil and beeswax.  These are eco-friendly, re-usable (wiped with soap and/or cold water) anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and can be used to wrap any food (except raw meat) from sandwiches, to cut fruit. Or you can cover your bowls etc. as you would have done with plastic wrap (terrible for the environment!)

Toilet Bombs: These “bombs” can be used weekly to keep your toilet clean and fresh! Just drop them into the toilet water, allow 5-10 minutes for it to dissolve and then use your toilet brush as usual and then flush away. Septic system safe, and eco-friendly!

Just an FYI here are some of the other products I have been experimenting with and using regularly in our home:

Liquid Laundry Detergent

All-Purpose cleaner

Foaming Hand Soap

Liquid Dish Soap

Facial and Body Scrubs (different types)


Dry Shampoo (dark and light hair varieties ) wet, and dry applications

Eye Cream

Anti-Bacterial Hand Sprays

SO….as I said, I am REALLY enjoying this and love making and using these products!!! I feel so much better using these and promoting these as what we put ON our body and what we breath in and clean our houses with is extremely important to living a healthy life!

Price List for products currently available:  (These are my initial prices, so they may change)

Body Butter $8/6oz, $4/3 oz

Lip Balm $2/8.5g, $4/25g

Toilet Bombs 10 tabs for $5

Wax covers/squares: small (6×6″ square) $2, medium (10×10″ square) $4, Large (15×10″) $6

Please contact me by email if you would like to order any of the above! My email is fit2borganized.wordpress@gmail.com

Thank you all for your support on this new endeavour!!

What’s new with “SQ”? (pronounced “skew”)


Last year was a year of growth for me. I learned so much about myself, and took the opportunity to learn about sustainability and minimalism which led me off on a journey that I am so happy that I have made. I decided to ignore that voice in my head that said “what difference can one person make?” and chose to make our families lives more minimal (less “stuff”) and more environmentally friendly.

One major change was that I started listening to Podcasts and became completely addicted to them! Wow, why did it take me so long to find these! I have spent a huge amount of time listening to a variety of podcasts from Intermittent Fasting, to Fitness, Minimalism, Environmental Sustainability, to Daily pep talks, and this was only the beginning! They became an integral part of my daily living and my walks with Finley became even longer, and much slower…..finally really allowing him to do what he loves best; sniff and pee! The longer I was out in the fresh air learning all I could, the better it was for me, and who’s kidding who, when Mom’s happy, the family is happy lol!!🤣.

The one GIGANTIC change I made was that I changed when I eat (not what I eat…NOT a diet) by following an Intermittent Fasting lifestyle! Best…. thing…… ever…. honestly!!!!! I have not felt this energetic, focused, and felt this good about my body since before I had children! More on IF (intermittent fasting) in another blog to come as I have SO MUCH to say about why I will never go back to the way I ate before. So, with this incredible focus and feeling so physically great, I set off to reinvent myself.

One very important point I learned is that what I put ON my body was just as important as what I put IN my body! So, with that bit of information, I started my search for recipes for creams, lotions, deodorants, balms, butters, etc. Then…..…I learned that I could also make all my own house cleaning products that are not only cheaper, but are better for the environment and cleaner for our indoor air which we all know can become quite polluted with sprays, stale air, dander, and that is not even taking into account all those chemicals we use in our cleaning products😤.

So, that is the inspiration behind this post and to showcase what and how my life has changed for the better this past year!!!❤️. With that, I have created my own product line called SQ (pronounced “skew”) which is short for my nickname Suzy Q! I make MANY products for our family, but I am making 4 currently available to purchase if any of my faithful blog readers are interested! I will be writing a separate post listing these products: their prices, ingredients, and directions for use so please check it out and feel free to share this blog site!

Life is good! Hope you enjoyed my first post in a while, and please stay tuned for my new posts as they have been inspired by my new improved Minimal, Sustainable, and Fasted Lifestyle!❤️.

Your 2021 Suzy Q aka “SQ” post of the day! My new motto: Fit Body, Calm Mind, Happy Home.💪🦵🧠🥰🏡

The Sun🌞continues to Shine😁


It was 1 year ago today, (with the thanks of the Bell Let’s Talk” initiative) that I openly talked about my struggles with depression. I have to say, I am SO happy I did! The people who reached out to me about their struggles and the compassion toward my struggles have indeed been incredible. I am touched that there are so many kind people in my world that have opened up and confided to me, and offered their shoulder and listening ear if I need it.

What have I learned in the past year?
If you talk about it you can get the help you need. By letting people know the signs to look out for when I am starting to “spiral downward” I get the support and help I need. It doesn’t have to be talking to another person in person though. Just getting your emotions out in any way that works for you is the goal; I often find that I on bad days I am on the verge of tears and absolutely do not want to talk to anyone. But, I will text. Texting with certain people in my life has worked wonders for me in working through my emotions and trying to keep my head above water. Thank you to those people for being there for you, you know who you are!

I have learned that I am not alone, actually FAR from it. It is a way more common health issue than, I am sure, most of you realize. So many people struggle with depression and don’t even know they have it. I know people that I wish would open up to me because I can see they are struggling but they just keep carrying on struggling every step of the way. This makes me so sad as I know that if they at least talked in confidence to their doctor or other confidant about it this would make a difference and get them moving in the right direction.
I have learned that for me medication DOES work, and I NEED it. I tried reducing my dosage when I felt I was in a really good place. I felt good for a couple of weeks, then after about 3 or 4 weeks noticed some things that I chose to ignore. I, once again as I did in the beginning, found excuses for feeling down; PMS, not enough sleep, stress. Well, after about 5 weeks I had gone into a deep, dark spiral and realized I needed to go back to where I was. What I realized was that the medication takes a while to get out of your system, and then to get back in it as well. Sure enough at week 3 my body was reacting to being on less of the serotonin it needs that my body doesn’t produce enough of. Then I just got worse and worse. When I finally accepted that I do need my original dosage and went back up, again it took my body time to adapt and get back on track. Lesson learned. Would I try this again? Maybe yes! I had let those who are close to me know what was going on, and they were helping me and keeping an eye on me, so it was tough, yet my support network was there. Too many people dismiss meds and insist on dealing with depression their own way, but I encourage people to at least try some to see if there is a change. There are so many different ones out there and if one doesn’t work, don’t assume all don’t; there are tons.

One other thing I learned is that I need to be around things and people that make me happy and

avoid those that don’t. I no longer waste my time being with those who bring me down, and am spending more and more time with the people that care about me and that I love to be around. I used to worry about pleasing everyone, but now I know my happiness is in my hands and I surround myself only with those who can provide this! I find, for the first time in my life, that I am putting myself and my well-being first. I have also realized that Finley, our dog, is an absolutely incredible therapy tool and I encourage anyone out there who doesn’t own a dog to consider it! He helps me in ways I can’t even describe! He is a constant, complete joy in my life and I love him as unconditionally as he loves me!

If you d
I am ecstatic that many people have come forward and been able to open up to me, and said it was because of my blog. That truly touched me. My purpose of writing about my troubles with depression was to help people understand what it looks, sounds, and feels like. Many people weren’t able to put a label on theirs until I put it all out there in words and they realized that “Yes! That is exactly what I feel!” If I just affected one person it would have been worth it, but thankfully, I had a ton of responses and people coming to thank me for opening up.

All in all it was totally, completely worth it and I would continue to encourage others to seek the help or the listening ear they need to get through it.

Remember………Suzy Sunshine is ALWAYS here to listen and talk.

Your Suzy Sunshine “ray” of the day!🤣

To Purge or not to purge?


Do I or don’t I?  When did I last use/wear it?  Is it worth keeping it for that one time a year I use/wear it? Do I have the storage space for it?  Can I use/wear something else in place of it that I already have?

wp-1484777603890.jpgAll questions we should be asking ourselves a few times a year when we chose to re-organize or purge our rooms or homes.  I personally think it is a good idea to go through your stuff seasonally.  Even if you choose a couple of rooms to tackle each season.

I believe that as far as clothing goes, every time you do your seasonal clothing “swap out” you should think critically about what you are putting away  and whether or not you wear it anymore?  I am not going to delve into this anymore here as I have already dedicated a blog to this called “Seasonal Clothing Swap-out.”wp-1484776437538.jpg

So, for the other parts of your house, think about setting up some time to go through your stuff and purge as needed.  I think the best way to tackle this is to actually schedule time in your planner for this and STICK TO THIS TIME! Don’t devote more than a day or a weekend to this purging task because you will more likely get frustrated, drag your feet, and not actually do it and get it done.  If you put aside the time to do it you are more likely to….well….DO IT!!!

More and more people these days are “collectors” or items (In actuality I want to say hoaders, but this term is denied my many!) People believe they need the  newest of everything and therefore are constantly feeling the need to keep up with others by buying the newest and best of everything.  They figure they need to for some reason.

What is happening to all the stuff that works perfectly well but is just 1 season out of date?  Nothing!  It’s likely sitting in your closet or your garage.  You don’t want to get rid of it because it is still pretty new; you only had it one year, so you don’t feel right getting rid of it?

Sound familiar?  I hear people talking all the time about how much stuff they, their spouses or their children have, and how they are not willing to part with perfectly good things.  Where does this leave us? With a FULL HOUSE!

My recommendations:

  • Buy less stuff…..or at least think more about what you’re buying and if you really need it.
  • Consider second hand.  I am a total and complete believer in second hand and love being able to buy things off people who need the newest things. (Even though I am benefiting from you people who like the newest and best, I still encourage you to try to cut back!!)
  • Sell on all the websites that are available for free on line!  It is so easy and it’s a great way to both buy and sell good items.  You don’t even need to talk or see anyone, you can do “Porch pick up” which just requires some trust and a mailbox!
  • Give or donate to a friend or charity.   The Salvation Army is my favourite charity with so many good points about them…check them out on line and you’ll see what I mean!

There you have it, I certainly hope that I have made at least a few of you think more about “Keeping up with the Joneses” as they say!

Your Simply Susan tip of the day! 😁




Depression 101: Myths and facts


I have spent a lot of time talking to people about depression since my post in February “Suzy Sunshine🌞“where I openly discussed my own depression.  I have absolutely LOVED the feedback and discussions that my blog generated and am so happy I took that huge leap to open up and talk about something that many people struggle with.

While talking to people though, I have realized, even more, how many misconceptions there are about depression.  I am devoting this blog to a few of those but will be writing more blogs on my experiences and knowledge in the future as I can see that people NEED and WANT to talk about it.

The first misconception I will address is that those people you hear say “I am so depressed” do not struggle with/suffer with depression.  I know they are just using it as an expression, but it really kind of minimalizes the pain and suffering those of us who are actually suffering go through.  Those of us who do, do not just randomly use this expression; we suffer in silence mostly and if we do ask for help it is just that.  We say that we are struggling and need some help only to those very close to us who we trust.  This is EXTREMELY hard for us though.  I am better at it now that I have opened up to more people, but those suffering are generally doing it in silence.

The second misconception is that depression is something that you can just “snap out of” with the right distraction and attention.  Oh how I would love it to be this easy!  No matter what people say to us (“everything will work out”), do to distract us (try to get us to laugh etc), remind us of the good things (“be thankful for all you have”) it, sadly, doesn’t help! I wish these heartfelt gestures by friends did help, but unfortunately I end up feeling far worse as I am made to realize that “yes, everything is perfect, so why am I SOOOOOO sad all the time!!!”  I know that these intentions come from the right place in your heart, but the best thing you can do is give me a hug, not ask me how I am (I’ll just break down) and let me know you are there if I need you.  Most people have learned to read me well and for this I am thankful.

I am in the very fortunate position of having a wonderful support network and for this I am eternally grateful!

The last misconception is about taking medications to help in treating depression.  I, as I have been quite open about, am a believer in medication so want non-believers to understand that taking a medication for a mental health illness does not make you weak.  Many people are uncomfortable with admitting they are are on meds but this is ridiculous. People believe the meds will “change you”. If by change you you mean level things out in your brain so that you can deal with life like the average person can, then YES, they do change you. A positive change that helps you cope with life on an even level.They are not happy pills that make you feel numb and happy. If they do you are on too high a dose! Don’t be embarrassed. Be proud that you are getting the help you need.  If I needed help seeing should I be embarrassed to wear my glasses? It’s the same thing❤

I am going to leave it at that for this blog, but those of you who have opened up to me, please pm me any time, and continue to reach out for support.

Your Simply Susan lesson the day! 😄


‘Twas the night before school…..




Twas the night before school and all through the town,

The children were whining and all feeling down.

Their bags were all packed, and all filled to the top,

With lunches, and snacks, a few books and a pop!

The children were crying and getting ready for bed,

While their parents drank wine, relaxed and some read.

And daddy in his pj’s and I in mine too,

Were sitting downstairs with nothing to do.

Wait what? What’s that? I hear a big shout,

I look up the stairs and see one child running about.

She is up in her room making sure is ready,

For the first day of school has to be just right and steady.

She is one of a kind, loves the first day of school,

But this wears off soon, by day 3 it’s not cool!

The other child yells  “Why????”,  and puts…

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HIIT me!!


For those of you that are not up on your new exercise lingo, HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Basically, you are working really hard for short bursts of time, with little break. I personally LOVE HIIT workouts and find they are great to use when time is tight. Another huge benefit is, all you need is shorts, a top, shoes and a small area of open space (you could totally do this in a hotel room or apartment!)

My new favourite HIIT workout comes to you courtesy of my ever-so-wonderful husband Shawn! The reason he created this workout for us is that we had to get to a dance competition for one of our daughters and had only limited time and wanted to get an effective, hard workout in. This HIIT workout takes about 15 minutes and you should be tired and very sweaty at the end!

What you are doing for HIIT workouts is doing 3 high intensity exercises in a row with no break then 30 second to 1 minute recovery. Repeat 5 times.

Here are the exercises:

  1. 15 Push ups
  2. 15 Jump Squats
  3. 15 Squat Thrusts

Rest 30 sec to 1 minute, basically just until you catch your breath!

Repeat the above 3 exercises 5 times.

That’s it! SO easy, SO effective, SO hard, SO fun!

Your Simply Susan HIIT workout of the day. Go do it now, I dare you!😏