Nutritious Balanced moderation

2016-04-10-16.33.43.jpg.jpegI’m not a nutritionist and don’t live on a restricted diet (due to food in tolerances or allergies), but I have done a lot of reading and watched many programs about eating right, so I just wanted to share what I myself like to follow.
I strive to eat¬†balanced, nutritious meals daily and never deny myself a treat! ¬†I make my meals, eat whole grain foods, and stop eating when I am full. ¬† I also truly believe that cutting something¬†you love out of your diet simply because you know it’s not good for you (only talking about food here), isn’t a good idea and you just end up craving it more or being miserable. ¬†If you love it, have it, just serve yourself a smaller portion of it, and/or do some extra cardio that day to burn off that extra indulgence!
One bad habit people get into is eating when they are bored, but not necessarily hungry.  Try instead to drink a cup of water and see if this curbs that feeling.
2016-04-10-16.30.18.jpg.jpegOne other crucial¬†tip is, the more unprocessed the food you put into your body the better.¬† Try buying ingredients and learning to make simple meals at home and taking a lunch to work, or dinner to dance class rather than always relying on fast food. ¬†Try making a few doubled recipes when you have some time and freezing individual portions for those days you need to pack a meal. ¬†Always have cut up vegetables on hand so that they are easy to grab when you or those in your family are feeling “peckish”. ¬†Also, have fruit out and in a very visual spot so that everyone is more likely to grab a piece of fruit rather than going for some unhealthy snack!
2016-04-10-16.31.00.jpg.jpegMake it a goal to eat at least 1 vegetable at every meal.  Try to eat a variety of food groups throughout the day, and when you are making meals ensure that you are using a variety of colours and types of food available.
Some people prefer eating 6 small meals a day, others enjoy 3. ¬†Whatever you choose, make sure you aren’t ever eating more than you are hungry for. ¬†If you need to, keep track of what you are eating by writing it down, or downloading a phone app. ¬†Another tip, eat slowly, and drink water before your meals. ¬†I have read many times, that if you drink a glass of water it will help you to feel full and therefore help keep you from overindulging.
One last tip is to try eating your meals on a smaller plate. People think that they should fill their plate up with food, and if you are using a large plate, you are likely eating more than one portion.  If you use a smaller plate, you are more likely to eat less calories and your brain is tricked into believing that you are eating the same amount of food.
I hope these tips and tricks help you to try and change any bad eating habits any of you have, and that you will think more about what you are putting into your body! ¬†If you can’t even pronounce it, or the ingredient list is very long, you should take a pass, or make it a “once in a while” treat!
Your Simply Susan tips for the day!
Live long, and eat on.… long as it’s healthy!!!