Clean up your act!


wpid-wp-1422752102535.jpegHousehold chores are a necessary part of life, so my advice to you is to make the best of it, rather than putting it off and dreading what you do!

Put those headphones on and get started on those toilets or floors!  Putting music on while you clean will help to lighten your mood!!!  If you approach your task with a negative attitude, you are either not going to do it, or you’ll do it, but not well, and you’ll hate it!

Okay, so first, figure out which days you can devote 1-2 hours of cleaning to, then make a note of it in your schedule.  Actually making a note of it will help you to keep to this schedule.

My weekly tasks consist of floors, bathrooms, and the kitchen.

 I like to separate my week into two, one-to-two hour cleaning blocks. If you do it in the evenings, divide it into three-to-four half hour to one hour blocks.  I like to do my floors on Monday after we use the weekend to get them all dirty! (This way also, I don’t worry about how dirty they get on the weekend as I know I will get to them on Monday.)  I then do my bathrooms and kitchen on my second cleaning day.

I may have mentioned this before, but if you stick to a weekly cleaning schedule your tasks shouldn’t be considered “heavy” cleaning and shouldn’t use too much elbow grease.  I find the longer you leave a space the harder it is to clean itMy weekly cleaning is more just maintenance,wiping down and disinfecting surfaces.

Setting attainable goals helps, but a positive attitude and anything such as music to lighten your mood also helps the sometimes “dreaded” task get done!

So, if you are tackling these jobs during the day, put on those headphones and clean to your favourite playlists!  Or, if you do it in the evenings, pour yourself a glass of wine (if that’s your thing!!), and get to it!

Keep positive and clean on!

What kind of cleaning tips and advice would you like me to write about??????

Run, rest, recover, repeat 😆


wpid-moldiv_1430096752604.jpgIf you know me well, you know that I love to keep fit and be healthy.    What you also need to know is that in order to be healthy,  it is just as important to take rest days.  If you don’t, you end up injured; trust me, I know this one from experience😆.

In order for you to get stronger and recover after a good, hard workout you need to have rest days in between. Rest days don’t have to mean no exercise,  they could also mean lighter, easier exercise.

Another good idea is to vary what do. For example,  if you are a cyclist, runner, dancer, try varying this on 1 or 2 days with cross-training.  Instead of running, go cycling, or walking. Do one of my at-home interval training sessions, or the core body workout I posted a while back.  If you are on a less intense day, just cut the intensity, or the reps of exercises.

One last point is that I am also a big believer in strength training.   I make sure to do an exercise session at least 1×/week, doing push-ups,  squats, lunges etc.  As I’ve mentioned before, for this you can either use your own body weight, bands, or weights for resistance.

What is most important?? That you are doing something to keep active and that you enjoy it!   Also, that you make time to rest and recover!  

Please find something that you enjoy, and gets you up and moving and don’t become one of the “sedentary” statistics.

Feel free to join me anytime, I’m always up for a good workout!😆🍰

As always, comments and feedback are always welcome. 

‘Twas the night before school…..




Twas the night before school and all through the town,

The children were whining and all feeling down.

Their bags were all packed, and all filled to the top,

With lunches, and snacks, a few books and a pop!

The children were crying and getting ready for bed,

While their parents drank wine, relaxed and some read.

And daddy in his pj’s and I in mine too,

Were sitting downstairs with nothing to do.

Wait what? What’s that? I hear a big shout,

I look up the stairs and see one child running about.

She is up in her room making sure is ready,

For the first day of school has to be just right and steady.

She is one of a kind, loves the first day of school,

But this wears off soon, by day 3 it’s not cool!

The other child yells  “Why????”,  and puts up a fight,

So I reply with  “It’s life, it will turn out all right.”

So that’s it, there you have it,

I’ve written a poem,

Now back to my blogging

In my nice comfy home!😆

Your Simply Susan poem of the day!  😆