Pillow Talk ;)


I consider myself a very resourceful, thrifty person who has both taught myself, and learned, many tips over the years on how to live very happily on a budget.

I know how to shop for groceries, clothing, and household items all economically and my family can vouch for me! 🙂

One project I decided to tackle this summer was making my own pillows using recycled fabric.  I used ends of fabric I had left over from other projects, clothing I was donating, and other pieces of fabric from unused curtains, or table cloths.

First I decided on the colours I was looking for, then I searched to see if I had any material that I could use.  BINGO!!!

One item I used was a button-up, collared micro-fibre shirt.  From this I made a wonderful rectangular throw pillow using the buttons up the front as the opening and for decoration.  It turned out great!

I also made reusable pillow covers for ugly worn-out pillows from unused table cloths.

I like to believe and constantly challenge myself to think outside the box!

Be earth friendly, reduce, reuse, recycle!