What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom


wpid-2015-11-23-15.32.12.jpg.jpegOkay, let’s review my¬†basic rules for organizing any room or space. ¬†The first thing you want to do is go in the room and take note of what needs to get done. ¬†If this means making notes do this, whatever it takes to make it real. Secondly, and most importantly, don’t get overwhelmed ¬†by what you have to do! ¬†If you have come up with a list of¬†many things to do, don’t tackle them all on the same day, instead, break it down onto 2 or 3 manageable work periods. ¬†If you try to do everything at one time, you are more likely to give up and then nothing gets done!

When you are looking at organizing a space, you want to keep a few things in mind.¬† Firstly, your bedroom is your sanctuary and should be relaxing and conducive to sleeping.¬† That being said, the more organized and free of clutter your bedroom is, the more likely it will be your sanctuary, and it will be a place where you’ll be able to relax. Who can relax and wind down if you are surrounded by stuff, stuff, and more piles of stuff??

Some ideas and tips for keeping your bedroom organized and free of clutter:

The one I think many people are guilty of is just leaving their clothes on the floor at the end of the day. ¬†Rather than just dropping them, deal with them now.¬† If they‚Äôre dirty, put them in the laundry basket, if they are clean, fold them and put them away now, if you intend to wear them again that week, hang them on a hook on the back of the door. Seriously, it takes less than a minute to do this…..really try it today! ¬†Lastly, only have hooks that hold 1 or 2 items, that way you can’t overload them.

Group like items in your closet by type and/or colour (jeans or track pants all together, collared shirts, hoodies etc.) This makes it easier to find things quickly, ¬†and more importantly ¬†it looks nicer!ūüėÜ

Sort your drawers logically. There are a couple of things you can do here, for example, if you have a lot of small drawers, use one each for socks, underwear, bras, shirts and sweaters, leggings etc.  If you have large wide drawers, either buy inserts to section your drawers or just section them yourself.  Put socks to one side, underwear in the middle, and bras on the other side.  When you return clean laundry to your drawers keep this order.  Once you get in the habit it will be easy.

wpid-2015-11-24-15.04.51.jpg.jpegKeep an organized dresser. ¬†Again, group¬†similar¬†items together Have a tray for your brush, comb¬† and hair accessories. ¬†Keep make-up in a caddy or a make-up bag.¬† Keep¬† only the essentials used daily on display; store less frequently used items in the bathroom cabinet. ¬†You could also have a small,¬†decorative dish on your dresser for pocket ‚Äústuff‚ÄĚ.

wpid-2015-11-24-15.05.55.jpg.jpegThink about using unused spaces for storage like under your bed, the walls of your closet, or vertical spaces. ¬†Under-the-bed storage for seasonal clothing¬†is a great way to store clothes you aren’t wearing right now. ¬†Invest in decorative hooks or reusable sticky hooks that you can display jewelry on alongside your mirror or down the side of your dresser. Hang your iron or hair-dryers off the side of your dresser. Use suction hooks on your mirror for necklaces or hair bands.

That is your “Simply Susan” organization tip of the day! ¬†ūüôā¬†

Why do I do it?


wpid-wp-1445804955697.jpegPeople often ask me “What are you training for?” when they realize that I am always running and exercising. ¬†My answer to them? ¬†“Life, being the best mom/wife/daughter/friend¬†I can be!” ¬†I truly believe that to be the best person I can be I need to exercise. ¬†For me it is more than just about keeping my physical shape/appearance in check, it is also about keeping my emotional well-being healthy. ¬†For me, I have learned how incredibly important it is for me to take time each day for myself, and that exercise is my outlet for working through my thoughts and feelings.
I love it and I need it! It’s as simple as that!
If  I am not feeling myself, and have gone out for a run, most times, by the time I return home, I am both physically and emotionally in a better place.

Many people don’t take this important time for themselves. Always making excuses that they are too busy, that they can’t afford to. ¬†As far as I’m concerned I can’t afford NOT to take this time for myself. ¬†I learned when my children were very young that if I wanted to be the best mom /person for everyone important in my life, I needed to schedule in time for myself every day. ¬†Since I made exercise a priority in my life, I truly believe that everyone who knows me benefits.

I think that some people think with me exercise is a bit of an obsession. ¬†It’s not. ¬†I need it, and trust me, when I am injured or sick and can’t exercise I am not happy.

That’s my advice for of the day. ¬†Take care of yourself so you can be the best person to everyone in your life. Everyone will benefit. Trust meūüėÜ