Look good, work hard, feel great!


2016-11-30-19.06.02.png.png“I look jacked!!!”😃😄At least that’s what my husband said to me when he got home from the gym the other day.

Now he was only half kidding, but what he was referring to was that he saw himself in the mirror in the changeroom after his workout and thought to himself “I look jacked!”.

Now truth is, he probably didn’t look much different after his workout than he did an hour earlier before his workout, but I think this is important to share because he felt good. Just working out made him feel better about himself, and that’s my message.

Whether it’s a walk through the neighbourhood, a training run for a 5 km race, a zumba class, or 2016-11-30-19.07.09.jpg.jpega Crossfit WOD, it’s amazing how a little activity or exercise can make you feel better about yourself!

So get out there, and get active, you’ll better doing it.

Your Simply Susan Quick Tip of the day!😆




Positive attitude, Open mind, Moving forward



Getting off to a new start this year can be both inspiring and challenging.   The thought of change for some people is too much and they stop right there and never get going on their new ideas simply because  they are overwhelmed with the idea of change.  Before they even really try, many people just give up.

This year, try tackling tasks with a new and improved attitude.  A positive attitude can be the one thing you change that will make things work this time!  Trust me, it’s never too late to try something new.  Whether it’s a new exercise program or an organization project in your home.  This new attitude could impact your life in such a way you’ll wonder why it took you so long to try it in the first place!

Let’s first think about areas in your life that need to change for the well-being of everyone!  Your hoarding, your inactivity or lack of exercise,  your time spent online, t.v. watching, shopping or eating? These are problems I hear about every day and things people seem to have difficulty changing.   Your first step is to identify it as a problem.   If you can’t do this you’re not ready to move past this step.  However, if this isn’t an issue for you,  you’re ready to get help and ideas of how to tackle this issue.

From here you need to figure out if it is an issue you can handle on your own, or if you need to confide in someone in order to help yourself. If you need to seek help, now is the time. Make a call, go online, find the help you need today. Putting it off will not help you! Dealing with it today will get the ball rolling and you’ll be glad you made the effort to change in a way you have not been able to in the past.

I am a great believer in seeking out new, more efficient,  better ways to do things and believe we should all keep an open mind and realize and accept when things aren’t being done right.  Change is change, but it doesn’t have to be negative.  You truly can teach an old dog new tricks!!😄😄

Be open, be positive,  and let’s start this new year with a new inspired attitude.

Your first Simply Susan tip for 2016!  Smile on my friends😆