A smile a day……keeps negativity away


20160214_142317.jpgI have made it a personal goal of mine to approach each day with a smile and a positive attitude.  Some days are certainly harder than others, but as long as I work at it, I generally succeed……I did say generally, I am only human and just like everyone I have days where I keep to myself and avoid seeing and talking to people.

The difference here is that I recognize I am not in a good mood, acknowledge it, and purposely try to keep to myself so as not to affect others.  You know what?  We are all busy, we all have daily life challenges, and we all have some crap going on to deal with!  I just want to stress that just because you may feel like a miserable cow doesn’t mean you need to bring others down with you!!!!

I just HATE being around people that think that everyone needs to know how life has wronged them, how they have “Way too much to do!” , how everything is “so expensive!”, etc., etc., etc.,!   WE ALL DO!!!!!!!  That’s called life and it’s the CHOICES that we make that can make or break us.  I purposely CHOOSE to avoid people, or keep to myself if I am feeling negative because I am quite aware that what is going to come out of my mouth won’t help!

When we are around those “negative, dark, cloudy” people we can’t help but be brought down with them.  What do I do?  I try and say something positive, and I LEAVE!  I refuse to let someone ruin my day just because they think the world is out to get them!  It’s not worth it!  Life is too short to waste time with people who don’t affect you positively.

I want you, my loyal followers, to really think about these things as you surround yourself with people.  Who do you realize is your “dark cloud”?  Who makes you feel good?  How can I help this person to see the good rather than the evil??

2016-05-10-14.35.02.jpg.jpgLife is a series of choices, let’s try to spread  positivity and happiness.  I LOVE to smile, and am thrilled to hear that my smile makes those around me smile to. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Always remember those wise words from your mother…..“If you don’t have anything nice to say to say, don’t say anything at all!”

Love, smiles, and hugs to all my fit2borganized followers.

Please feel free to comment, and add suggestions as to what you would like me to tackle in this year’s blogs!

Your Simply Susan SMILE of the day!!

Motivation Monday! Let’s do this!


2017-01-29-19-06-24.jpgEver thought that there just isn’t time in the day to exercise? Ever felt that you’re just too tired or comfortable at home to go to the gym? I can relate.  That’s why many years ago I invested in a few key things – exercise bands and free weights – and decided to fit in (just a few minutes at first) some strength training during t.v. time! So, what better way than to try it during commercial breaks?

Or, if you are like most people these days and have it PVR’d, try getting a timer and just doing 3, 5-minute intervals of exercises while your show is on? If you really want to start small, set an even easier goal for yourself, one that you are sure to accomplish.

Easy things to do?

2017-01-18-20-49-59.jpg1. Wall squats: Back against the wall, lower yourself to 90° hold for as long as you can, rest. Do this 5 -10 times.  Make sure you back is tight against the wall.  Bend your knees so they are at a 90 degree angle over your ankles.  Weight should be focused on your heels.



2. Butt squeezes.  Stand up, squeeze your butt cheeks together as hard as you can for 10 seconds, rest for 5, squeeze for 10. Repeat 10 times.

3.  Skipping.   Grab a skipping rope ($ store) and skip for 30 sec. Rest, repeat 10 times.

2017-01-18-20-52-10.jpg4.  Wide-legged squat.  (I know I’m a bit obsessed with the squat, but for good reason…..it’s an awesome way to keep that butt toned).  Hold squat for 10 sec., stand up, rest for 10 sec., repeat 10 times.



5. Grab a band and try these:





Do 10 reps of each of these:  easy bicep curl, harder bicep curl (more tension on band), shoulder press, triceps extension (10 on each arm). Do 2 sets of these.

That’s it! Try one or all of these today!

I’d love some feedback to know what you’d like to hear about!

Your Simply Susan motivational tip of the day!

Look good, work hard, feel great!


2016-11-30-19.06.02.png.png“I look jacked!!!”😃😄At least that’s what my husband said to me when he got home from the gym the other day.

Now he was only half kidding, but what he was referring to was that he saw himself in the mirror in the changeroom after his workout and thought to himself “I look jacked!”.

Now truth is, he probably didn’t look much different after his workout than he did an hour earlier before his workout, but I think this is important to share because he felt good. Just working out made him feel better about himself, and that’s my message.

Whether it’s a walk through the neighbourhood, a training run for a 5 km race, a zumba class, or 2016-11-30-19.07.09.jpg.jpega Crossfit WOD, it’s amazing how a little activity or exercise can make you feel better about yourself!

So get out there, and get active, you’ll better doing it.

Your Simply Susan Quick Tip of the day!😆



Hot dog blog!🐕❤


20160921_112553.jpgOkay, so I had to laugh this morning when I realized I missed posting a blog this week.  Let me update my loyal blog followers on my recent life changes…..We are now the very proud owners of an 11 week old American Cocker Spaniel puppy!  Yay!  We are loving him and our new puppydome, but it has brought back all the memories of when my girls were babies and toddlers!

I have realized that having a puppy is very similar to having a baby. They sleep and play, and poop and pee a lot, but they are also like those toddlers who get into EVERYTHING and ANYTHING they can.  They love to explore and are so curious about new things.  The one change is the chewing and teething behaviours.  Unlike human babies, puppies seem to think that any part of you, your clothing, the house, the yard, etc., etc., is their personal teething toy!  Man and are their teeth sharp! Yowzers!  They are like needles!  So, that being said, we have quite an array of “redirection toys” kicking around everywhere to distract him with. These do work, but persistence, perseverance and patience are key.img_20160925_203534.jpg Continue reading

Live, love, laugh😊❤😄


image000000_03.jpgWhat makes you happy? What do you do that puts, and keeps a smile on your face? What do you do that makes you and those around you laugh?

This should become your motivation of the day, your way of living, your reason to be! Shouldn’t we all strive to be happy every day?

Too many times we are surrounded by negativity. There have been way too many  days that my mood has been brought down just by listening to others complaining around me.  I hate this! It really leaves me feeling like a dark cloud is looming over me.

On the flip side, I myself love to smile and like to believe that I have affected others moods and rubbed some of my positivity off on them. Our happiness rubs off on other people!  Laughter IS contagious, and if that’s not something we are proud to pass on to others I don’t know what is?!?😆moldiv_1457993346693.jpg

A few years ago I made a conscious decision to avoid people who “brought me down“. The last thing I need is to be around people who can only complain about anything and everything.   I left them feeling bad, and found it hard to drag myself out and back up.  Life is too short to spend around those who don’t make you happy.  

I now choose to be around people who not only make me smile and laugh, but that smile and laugh both with and at me! There is nothing that makes me happier than hearing a good, hearty laugh.  I am proud to wear my “laugh lines”!!  

Laughter is  truly the best medicine, and not only that, a good, hearty laugh is a fantastic abdominal workout!

Live, love, laugh!

Your Simply Susan motivational tip of the day! 😆 😄

For the love of Reese pieces


2015-01-22_21.52.32.jpgPeople don’t get why I love winter running, so I need to share it with you all and hope I can get some of you to give it a try!

First of all winter running and trail running are what I like to call “Nature’s obstacle courses”.  They provide attainable challenges and keep you on your toes the whole time. That is why I love them both so much! 😆
Things you need to know and things to make sure you have before trying this type of running:

Firstly, you need to be dressed warmly enough that you can get through the first 10 minutes of your run.  You don’t want to overdo it or you will overheat! I wear layers and use zippered clothing that can be zipped down if I am too warm. I have 2 types of running shoes for all of my running, my regular road shoes, and my trail/winter running shoes. These trail shoes have more tread, and a waterproof layer (sometimes) to protect your feet a little more.  You should have mittens/gloves that have a flip back top for when/if your hands get too hot.   Lastly, you should have a balaclava or a neck warmer to cover a good portion of your face and ears, and a good thin, yet warm hat.

When I run in the winter I feel so challenged, and so very satisfied when I am done.   I don’t worry about speed or distance, because the satisfaction of the battling the ice, snow, wind, and minus zero temperatures are an exhilarating challenge.

2016-01-17-15.41.59.jpg.jpegOne thing also is that winter running gives you an excuse to run slower and use shorter strides.  This is an important tip as this is what you need to focus on the whole time.  As you run, shorten your stride in the snow and ice and if you think you may slip just hop off onto the grass and/or walk.   You also need to do this as you approach corners.

Well, have I convinced any of you out there to give it a try??? I strongly encourage you to if you love running and like a challenge.  This is the main way I have learned to embrace winter.  I found an activity I thoroughly enjoy doing outside and I learned that the challenge and fun of it make me so very happy, which in turn makes me a better person.

img_20150120_210529.jpgThere are few things that satisfy me as much as coming in the door after a winter run with my icicled eyelashes!

Once you’ve embraced this, you can give my other favourite a try……snowshoe running😆 Now that’s another blog😄😄😄

Please, give it a try!  There are so many nice, clear winter days that are purely gorgeous and you could learn to embrace winter too.

Your Simply Susan motivational tip of the day.

Keep  sunny, and embrace winter running. 😆

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Winter…it’s all in your attitude.


2016-01-17-15.41.59.jpg.jpegOkay, so as I was running today on this -18 windchill winter day.  First of all I was very happy, second of all, I got to thinking how so many people these days talk about how much they dread and hate winter!  I know, probably most of you are reading this right now and going “Yeah, so??

Hating or loving winter is all about your attitude.  Believe it or not, I also used to hate winter, but then when I had children, and saw the joy they got out of it, I decided to change my attitude and learn to embrace it.  Now, I love it and enjoy it when it’s here.  It makes life happier when you embrace it rather than dread it and just wait for it to be over!  Why would you choose to wish away 4 months of every year of your life?

One reason so many people hate it so much is because they complain about how cold they are.  My answer to that, “Then dress appropriately for it!!”  We live in Canada and here we are blessed with 4 different seasons and I would never want to live anywhere else!  I look at people walking around in their light winter coats, with no hat or gloves on, and fashionable (but not warm) “winter” boots.  Part of your attitude change should be to go out and invest in proper winter gear for the 4 seasons you live in.  Find stuff that you love and feel good wearing.

2015-04-27_20.13.28.jpgWhen I am running at the lakefront and I pass by other walkers or runners, you know what?, they are dressed for it, and we greet each with a smile and a “Hi!”.  A tip, find an activity you could enjoy doing outside in the winter.  For those of us who have, the winter months are something to look forward to.  You don’t see snow boarders, skiers, walkers and runners out there not dressed appropriately because they have embraced it.  Once you are prepared for it, it is invigorating and wonderful to breath in that fresh winter air rather than the stale indoor air we breath for months on end.

One thing I like to do is to think about how children are dressed to go out and play in the snow, then adapt this to yourself.  Also, think about how happy kids are when they are playing in the snow; they aren’t thinking about how cold it is outside, they are just having fun moving around and enjoying themselves.

On a sunny, cold winter day to run and look at the sun glistening off the water while the cold air meets the warmer water and there is steam rising!  Man, there’s nothing like the beauty of that in my eyes.

I am going to say this again, because I think maybe some of you think I’m a few trees short of a forest for saying so, but not only have I embraced winter, but I look forward to it!  I made a conscious choice to change my attitude and I truly enjoy the beauty of every season.

Join me in finding the beauty in winter…..it is sooooo worth it!  



In with the new, out with the old….new year’s resolutions


IMG958 This is the time of year where my husband notices the gym is always packed, and I pass new runners out there killing themselves!  One thing we also notice is neither the trails I run, nor the gym are as busy by February.

What does this say…….

One of the most common new years  resolutions is to get healthy and start exercising.  A great thing to do, but unfortunately approached wrong by many people.  Getting out there is where you start, but starting with a plan and realistic goals, and starting gradually rather than full out will have longevity.  You are more likely to keep going if you schedule it in, and if you start slowly.

As I’ve said before……in order to make it a new habit and lifestyle change, you must actually enjoy it!!!!!

Don’t feel like you need to go out there and run hard for 5 km. Starting with a good brisk walk for 30 minutes first and gradually building from there is the way to go (contact me if you need more advice, a partner, or tips here).

At the gym, try to have a plan.  Decide first what you want to accomplish, and consider whether or not this is better done by hiring a personal trainer to learn correct form and exercises. Hiring a personal trainer may seem like an unneeded expense to you, but hiring the right one for a short period of time to get you on the right track can really benefit you in the long run.  Signing up for classes is also a good way because you feel more committed that you have to go.

Whatever you do decide to do, getting fit and healthy is always a worthwhile goal and it is never too late to start!  Just make sure it is enjoyable and realistic!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Simply Susan useful tip of the day😂