Glad I did that!


IMG1764Shawn came back from a run and workout today and said “Glad I did that, I feel much better”, which he often says after coming back from exercising.  A few years ago though he would have come home from a crap day at work and found an excuse not to exercise again and just plopped himself down in front of the TV.  Then it occurred to him that these habits weren’t going to allow him to lead the “Good Life” with me and the kids.  So Shawn got back to exercise, starting small and gradually increasing his workouts.  He joined a once a week spin class which got him back to exercising.  This lead him to joining the gym and getting back to working out, which lead him to start running, which lead us to running our half marathons, and now Shawn regularly works out 4 to 5 times per week, and varies things between running, weights and cross-training.  Exercise has become a habit and regular part of his routine that he misses it if he doesn’t.  So now, when Shawn comes home from a crap day at work (like today), he makes himself get out and exercise, because if he doesn’t he knows he’ll feel worse, and when he gets home he always says “Glad I did that, I feel much better!”

If the excuses Shawn was making sound familiar, just start small and gradually increase what you can handle, you’ll feel much better!

There you have it! Your Simply Susan motivational tip of the day!😄

Weekly meal plan and grocery list



One idea many people have noticed when they are in my kitchen, is the weekly menu on my fridge, from which I make my weekly grocery list.

I have collected favourite recipes and keep them in labelled files (dinner favourites, slow cooker meals, meatless Monday’s, etc.) , along with my cookbooks.  I sit down at the beginning of the week and make a menu, then grocery list based on these planned meals.  If you can plan and organize ahead, it will save you over-buying in the grocery store, buying unnecessary items, and buying overly-processed foods.  I am not a chef or anything, but I have lots of great recipes and websites that I use that are simple, tasty, and don’t have too many ingredients, or anything too exotic or difficult to find in your average grocery store.

There is nothing better than getting home at the end of the day and not having to figure out what food you have in the house and then have to figure out what to make for dinner that night!  I used to dread about 3 pm every day when I would think “uuuhhhhh, what do I have in the freezer and can thaw for dinner tonight?”  Now, all I do is look at the menu the day before or the morning of and take whatever needs to be taken out of the freezer out to defrost, and then make-it later.

Try it today!