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20160921_112553.jpgOkay, so I had to laugh this morning when I realized I missed posting a blog this week. ¬†Let me update my loyal blog followers on my recent life changes…..We are now the very proud owners of an 11 week old American Cocker Spaniel puppy! ¬†Yay! ¬†We are loving him and our new puppydome, but it has brought back all the memories of when my girls were babies and toddlers!

I have realized that having a puppy is very similar to having a baby. They sleep and play, and poop and pee a lot, but they are also like those toddlers who get into EVERYTHING and ANYTHING they can. ¬†They love to explore and are so curious about new things. ¬†The one change is the chewing and teething behaviours. ¬†Unlike human babies, puppies seem to think that any part of you, your clothing, the house, the yard, etc., etc., is their personal teething toy! ¬†Man and are their teeth sharp! Yowzers! ¬†They are like needles! ¬†So, that being said, we have quite an array of “redirection toys” kicking around everywhere to distract him with. These do work, but persistence, perseverance and patience are key.img_20160925_203534.jpg Continue reading


Spring into Action


wpid-moldiv_1431128630664.jpgWhat does spring mean to you? ¬†To me, three things come to mind, a new¬†start, and green! ¬†Green grass, leaves on trees, flowers and plants budding in the gardens! It’s that time of year where all of a sudden neighbours are reunited and you see people walking around outside (more) happily. ….rather than quickly getting to their car, house, or work as fast as they can without freezing! This is the time to try something new and why not enlist a friend? Many people would be interested and motivated because they wouldn’t want to let you down! ūüėÜ

I love all of our seasons in Canada, ¬†but I am always excited about the change from one to another. Personally I just get sick of one wardrobe and get excited about the prospect of bringing out my next season’s wardrobe! ¬†Why not use this excitement while bringing in the new wardrobe by sorting through, organizing, and donating clothing items?

With the change of season upon us, why not take this opportunity to create a new healthy habit! Try parking further from work so you are forced to walk longer to get there? Try going for a walk on your lunch break 1-3 times a week? Why not introduce a new vegetable every week into your household? Register for a new class? Commit with a friend to exercise?  When you are at a dance competiton  (which is where my family spends spring weekends! !) take the stairs whenever you can? Getting up and racing to get your child changed and ready for the next number is also good exercise!

This spring try “springing ” into action and create a new, positive habit that will help you be an even better you! If that’s even possible! ūüėÜ

Your Simply Susan tip of the day! ūüėÜ


Positive attitude, Open mind, Moving forward



Getting off to a new start this year can be both inspiring and challenging.   The thought of change for some people is too much and they stop right there and never get going on their new ideas simply because  they are overwhelmed with the idea of change.  Before they even really try, many people just give up.

This year, try tackling tasks with a new and improved attitude. ¬†A positive attitude can be the one thing you change that will make things work this time! ¬†Trust me, it’s never too late to try something new. ¬†Whether it’s a new exercise program or an organization project in your home. ¬†This new attitude could impact your life in such a way you’ll wonder why it took you so long to try it in the first place!

Let’s first think about areas in your life that need to change for the well-being of everyone! ¬†Your hoarding, your inactivity or lack of exercise, ¬†your time spent online, t.v. watching, shopping or eating? These are problems I hear about every day and things people seem to have difficulty changing. ¬† Your first step is to identify it as a problem. ¬† If you can’t do this you’re¬†not ready to move past this step. ¬†However, if this isn’t an¬†issue for you, ¬†you’re ready to get help and ideas of how to tackle this issue.

From here you need to figure out if it is an issue you can handle on your own, or if you need to confide in someone in order to help yourself. If you need to seek help, now is the time. Make a call, go online, find the help you need today. Putting it off will not help you! Dealing with it today will get the ball rolling and you’ll be glad you made the effort to change in a way you have not been able to in the past.

I am a great believer in seeking out new, more efficient, ¬†better ways to do things and believe we should all keep an open mind and realize and accept when things aren’t being done right. ¬†Change is change, but it doesn’t have to be negative. ¬†You truly can teach an old dog new tricks!!ūüėĄūüėĄ

Be open, be positive, ¬†and let’s start this new year with a new inspired attitude.

Your first Simply Susan tip for 2016! ¬†Smile on my friendsūüėÜ

3 more sleeps`til Christmas!!!!!!


wp-1450792758755.jpegChristmas can be such a fun, happy, loving, relaxing time, that can also be stressful and tiring.  I think it is important to reduce that stress by trying to relax, be as organized as you can, and keeping somewhat active.

There can be a lot going on over the holidays, but keep it all in perspective,  and remind yourself that you are surrounded by those you love and take time to enjoy being together.

If you want to make yourself feel better about all the wonderful food you are going to indulge in, try to squeeze in a few exercise sessions, even if it is just a walk after dinner.  I definitely indulge over the Christmas season, and love every minute of it!  But, I make sure (just like I do during Halloween) that I also up the ante on my workouts!  There are so many great offerings at Christmas time and surely you don`t want to miss out!  If you don`t think you can fit in more workouts, just make the ones you do more intense.

Another thing I always tell people is to indulge if you really want to, but just don`t overdo it!  Or, if you have a tendency to overdo it, indulge in the treats and dishes, just do so in moderation.

To all of my friends, family, and followers, please enjoy a very Merry Christmas, and may it be filled with love and happiness!!!!!!  


Happy Halloween!!!!!……now, the aftermath


2016-11-01-10.46.19.jpg.jpegWell, as many of you know, I am a bit of a junk food lover (which is one of the reasons why am also an exercise fanatic!!) ¬†I love Halloween and all the junk food that comes along with it. ¬†But, this is one of those occasions where, after you allow the indulgence, you have to offset this with burning those calories. ¬†On Halloween night I eat all the candy I want, then I step up my cardio for the next few days to a week to feel better! Who’s kidding who, I eat candy every day, but just not quite as much as the first night!! It’s all about allowing yourself the yummy things without depriving, but understanding that with one (indulging) comes the other (exercise!)

2016-11-01-10.43.59.jpg.jpegThe next point about Halloween is that if you have kids, strongly encourage them to pool their candy. ¬†I understand that this may be tough, but at least try to. ¬†Either way, still insist that they keep their candy in a common area and definitely¬†not their bedroom! ¬†You can control their intake this way. ¬†Also, if you’re anything like me, this is also a good way to make sure they are “sharing” with you ūüôā ¬†I also like to (this is a BIG secret, so don’t let your kids know) take a few (only) candies out each day and add them to a bag in the freezer! ¬†They don’t even know they are missing them when you do it gradually. The way I look at it is this…you are actually helping them, and it ¬†is really exciting to find out you have Halloween candy in February!!! Or you could just throw a few out each day, but that’s no fun!!!

2016-11-01-10.43.16.jpg.jpegLastly, decorations, take them down as soon after the day as possible. ¬†No one wants to look at Halloween decorations in November. ¬†Get a large plastic bin and store them all together and label it. ¬†This includes costumes, make-up,wigs etc. ¬†Don’t just throw out everything and start again next year, that is a waste of money and bad for the environment. ¬†Even that cobweb stuff can be used again each year. ¬†I have had mine now for 5 years and I just re-stretch it out every year and add the plastic spiders!

Hope all these Halloween tips help to make the day go smoothly and that all of you have fun!!!

Hope it was a fun night….now I’m going to¬†pig out!!!!!

Your Simply Susan tip of the season!

This blog is going to help you to be a more organized, and fit you!



Do you ever feel that there just aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done?

Do you ever feel as though you don’t have the energy (or interest) to tackle that pile of papers on the counter there that’s just getting bigger by the day?

Do you have areas in your house that are just dumping grounds for “stuff” you don’t want or need?

Do you ever feel sluggish and unhealthy and as though you don’t have the energy to walk out to your car, let alone go for a run?

Are you just plain disorganized and need help getting on track?

These are only some of the many issues that I am going to tackle on my blog.

A few things about myself. ¬†I am a busy wife, and mom of 2 children. ¬† I love to organize my own space and anyone else’s who will let me! I also am a neat freak and actually enjoy cleaning my house and making things look nice. I love to exercise, and have tons of good at-home workouts that can be adapted for anyone at any fitness level!

So, my plan for this blog is to post my ideas, experiences, and many tips and tricks for organizing, cleaning, and exercising too.