My dirty secrets………


When you are doing laundry, think about doing it based on “off-peak” energy times.  I do laundry twice during the week in the evenings after 7 pm, then again on the weekend. This is our local “off-peak” time, and it saves money!   If you plan on doing your laundry a couple of nights on the weekdays, then a few loads on the weekends, it is less overwhelming than leaving it all for one time and have ton of loads to deal with.

Another money saver is, if you have the space in your laundry room, add a clothesline to hang many of your clothes to dry.  In the summer, why not hang your clothes outside? Not only does this save money, but it also extends the life of your clothes. Tumble drying with high heat wears out the fibres in your clothes faster, and makes them look faded.   I hang all work-out clothes immediately after washing.  I put everything else in the dryer, and after 5 minutes of tumble drying, I pull out and hang up all pants, shirts, other tops, and anything made of fleece.  Letting them tumble dry for 5 minutes gets the wrinkles out and then you just leave them until the next day where you fold and put everything away.

You can also save money when doing laundry by using cold water whenever possible.  There are many detergents available these days that clean your clothes well using cold water.

The last laundry tip I want to share with you is about only doing laundry when you have a full load as it is more energy efficient.  If I have separated my lights from my darks and don’t have enough I often will toss them all together and do them all in a large, cold load.  Nothing runs and it’s all done!

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