Creating new habits



Doing things the way you have always done them isn’t always the best way whether we’re talking about organizing or physical activity.

For example, try changing how you think about exercise and time-management.  It can be a small change that can eventually become a lifestyle change.  Make simple, small steps at first so you are not overwhelmed and this way it is more likely that you’ll actually keep doing it.

 I find that people often think they need to join a gym or start running (for example) to get a good workout.  Not necessarily.  Most people can fit in 15 minutes here and there of exercise without even really trying.  Plus, gyms can be overwhelming to many, and running is hard, so after the first week of trying, many people give up because it is too hard!

For example, when your child calls you to come pick them up from a friend’s house, what’s  the first thing you do?  My guess is you grab your keys and drive over to pick them up.  People always think that it is the easiest, fastest way, so they do it.  Why not make a simple change and try walking, or hopping on your bike next time?  Pick a day when you have 15 extra minutes, and try it.   Here is where you are changing your thinking!  Now you have actually fit in 15 minutes of physical activity, had 15 minutes to unwind, had 15 minutes of fresh air, and had 15 minutes of extra time with your children! I know life is busy and we try to pack our lives, (and our kids lives) with back-to-back activities, but taking 15 minutes 2-3 times a week is a very worthwhile lifestyle change that has tons of benefits!

This is only one simple idea of an easy way to fit exercise into your daily life.  I have many more and would love  to share them with you, just ask!

You are not only changing your habits, but you are also teaching your children good habits, and setting them on a road to a healthy lifestyle.

There are also a lot of quick and easy ways you can change your thinking when you are cleaning and organizing your home. One very easy thing to start doing today is to deal with incoming mail and paper ! Do not put it in a pile to deal with later, just do it now! Putting it off will just overwhelm you later.

I know many people hate the thought of change, but I have so many good tips for organizing, cleaning and exercising that you can do these things in only a little time.   Just try, it’ll be worth it!😆


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