Piles of paper…part 1


The dreaded paperwork…  wpid-2015-06-22-19.13.01.jpg.jpeg

Deal with mail and incoming paperwork now!  I find people just add it to a pile they think they are going to go through later.  Well, you know what?  You rarely do, so just get it over with now and make this a new habit starting today! Most mail these days is either magazines, junk-mail, the odd bill, card, or invitation.  So, let’s deal with your subscriptions first.

Newspapers and Magazines:

Think realistically about the newspapers and magazines you receive.  If you, more often than not, let them pile up without reading them, cancel them.  It is better for everyone; for you because you have less clutter and save money, for the carrier because they won’t be wasting time, and for the environment because it creates less waste!  If you actually do read your magazines and newspapers, great, but for those that don’t just stop them now.

Deal with newspapers as they arrive, and be realistic about what you will actually get to. If you read the newspapers when they arrive, read them and then recycle them.  If you are more likely to leave them and do it once per week, save them in a basket in the family room until then, and go through them each week.   If the week has passed and next weeks papers are now here, recycle last weeks and put this week’s in the basket. There is no sense in reading last week’s news, and they will just keep building up in your basket creating clutter!

Same thing with magazines, if the month has passed and your last magazine still sits in the basket untouched, recycle it!  Seriously, if you keep it thinking you’re paying for it, you should just keep it, don’t!  Also, if you read your magazine and want to save it for that “one article”, don’t!  Everything is available on-line these days, and if you want that “one-article”, just search it on-line later.  Then, when your subscription comes up for renewal think back to how many issues you threw out without reading them and if it is really worth it.

Another thought for both newspapers and magazines is to get an on-line subscription.  This will create less clutter in your house and also be better for the environment.  But, even here, make sure you are being realistic with yourself as to whether or not you actually take the time to read newspapers and magazines.  If you don’t read them, don’t bother.


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