Short on time? Try interval training.





If I’m not going for a run, my favourite way to cross train at home is by doing interval training (although interval training is awesome when you’re running too!)  It really is a great way to work out both at home, or at the gym especially when time is limited.

When I am on my stationary bike I interval train by going as hard as I can at the highest level for 1 minute, then recover at a moderate level for 2 minutes (any interval will do, 20 seconds hard, 1 min rest – but continue trying to improve).  By the time you have recovered, you are ready for another interval.

This makes exercising more interesting and certainly helps the time to go by faster too!  How about going hard during a commercial break, and resting during the show?  How about going hard through a dance on “So You Think You Can Dance” or an immunity challenge on “Survivor”?  Are you outside for a walk? Then do intervals between lamp posts.  Whatever motivates you to make it work and make it fun!! 🙂

As you get more fit and used to the workout, think about increasing the time and/or intensity of your intervals, shortening your rest periods, or adding more intervals.

Whatever you do, continue to challenge yourself to add interest and make it more fun!

I’m more than happy to help anyone out with more ideas, please drop me a line and ask!


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