Hot dog blog!🐕❤


20160921_112553.jpgOkay, so I had to laugh this morning when I realized I missed posting a blog this week.  Let me update my loyal blog followers on my recent life changes…..We are now the very proud owners of an 11 week old American Cocker Spaniel puppy!  Yay!  We are loving him and our new puppydome, but it has brought back all the memories of when my girls were babies and toddlers!

I have realized that having a puppy is very similar to having a baby. They sleep and play, and poop and pee a lot, but they are also like those toddlers who get into EVERYTHING and ANYTHING they can.  They love to explore and are so curious about new things.  The one change is the chewing and teething behaviours.  Unlike human babies, puppies seem to think that any part of you, your clothing, the house, the yard, etc., etc., is their personal teething toy!  Man and are their teeth sharp! Yowzers!  They are like needles!  So, that being said, we have quite an array of “redirection toys” kicking around everywhere to distract him with. These do work, but persistence, perseverance and patience are key.img_20160925_203534.jpg

So, needless to say, this is why I have not had a moment to sit down and write a blog! 😄

The only reason I am finally doing one now is because he is finally sleeping and this is my opportunity to get stuff done……..again, reminds me of the days when the girls were young!😆

Every time he naps I tackle my list that I wrote in the morning and try to get through as many things as I can possibly get done in that time. Problem is, he is such an affectionate, cuddly little guy that he likes to snuggle up with me for his naps!!!!  I love him more than words!! ❤❤

I do set my expectations low and only try to tackle a few things each day….and sometimes I don’t even get through these things, but who cares right!?!?!

My lessons to my fit2borganized followers for life with a new puppy:

  1.  Set your expectations low for what you want to accomplish while putting your puppy’s needs first.
  2. Make a list each day of a couple of things you need to get done by the end of the day.
  3. Be very patient and don’t get discouraged with set-backs, changes, and additional tasks that come up.
  4. Enjoy the moments with your puppy.  Drink in it and cherish all of the many special moments a puppy brings to your day.  They are only this little once.
  5. Be sure to take time for yourself, and for me that’s fitting in my exercise (I’ve made adjustments but that’s okay!)

This is a very welcome change to our lives. Getting a puppy is never something you should take on unless you have the patience, time, and love to give.   It was a decision we talked about a lot, and knew that the time was right for us now to own a puppy.  I am truly glad we waited until we did as everyone in our family is stepping up to the challenge and taking part in raising our happy, healthy, adorable puppy.  I speak for us all I know when I say that he has brought something very incredible and loving into our home, and I know we will never regret the decision we made to become part of the dog-owner crowd.

I am absolutely  IN LOVE with our little guy and look forward to all the goods, the bads, and the uglies along the way.  I expect there to be challenges and frustrations, but I already know he is worth it. Someone once told me that having a dog makes your house a home…. I totally know now what they mean.

Until next time, my loyal followers.  Thanks so much for your comments and likes!  They are truly appreciated.2016-09-28-15.49.11.png.png

I am sure this sweet little guy will inspire many more blogs in my future!

Keep calm and smile on!  Your Simply Susan tips of the day! 😆




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