Live, love, laugh😊❤😄


img_20160409_141141.jpgWhat makes you happy? What do you do that puts, and keeps a smile on your face? What do you do that makes you and those around you laugh?

This should become your motivation of the day, your way of living, your reason to be! Shouldn’t we all strive to be happy every day?

Too many times we are surrounded by negativity. There have been way too many  days that my mood has been brought down just by listening to others complaining around me.  I hate this! It really leaves me feeling like a dark cloud is looming over me.

On the flip side, I myself love to smile and like to believe that I have affected others moods and rubbed some of my positivity off on them. Our happiness rubs off on other people!  Laughter IS contagious, and if that’s not something we are proud to pass on to others I don’t know what is?!?😆moldiv_1457993346693.jpg

A few years ago I made a conscious decision to avoid people who “brought me down“. The last thing I need is to be around people who can only complain about anything and everything.   I left them feeling bad, and found it hard to drag myself out and back up.  Life is too short to spend around those who don’t make you happy.  

I now choose to be around people who not only make me smile and laugh, but that smile and laugh both with and at me! There is nothing that makes me happier than hearing a good, hearty laugh.  I am proud to wear my “laugh lines”!!  

Laughter is  truly the best medicine, and not only that, a good, hearty laugh is a fantastic abdominal workout!

Live, love, laugh!

Your Simply Susan motivational tip of the day! 😆 😄


17 thoughts on “Live, love, laugh😊❤😄

  1. I agree! Life is too short to allow people into your life who do not support you or who always see the negative in life. I love to smile and make it my mission to smile my days away! Laughing is really great too.

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  2. Oh I love your post so much..this has been my mission ..happiness more laughter positive…I have alway been a person who could see the other side in a bad situation ..but over the years life has a way of hardening you without you even noticing but thankfully I have started to notice and Bibbeinging that person I remember back. It’s hard but managing it..thank you for such an inspiring post.

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  3. I have a friend with whom I talk about this a lot – we call the people who inspire us, cheer us up and motivate us “radiators.” Obviously everyone has bad days or bad patches when they don’t feel great and need the support of their friends, but there’s a distinction between them and those that drag you down as a rule. So here’s to radiators and good hearty laughs!
    Katie x

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    • I very much agree!!! It’s about those people who I realized are ALWAYS complaining, ALWAYS negative that I have learned to avoid! I love radiators!!😆


  4. Love this Susan! One of my goals in life is to expand the number of people in whom I react to their positivity which means I can be with more people without being brought down. Having thought about that it reminds me a lot of Solution Focussed Brief Therapy which I did some training in a few years ago which seeks to find what someone is doing well and build on that.

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  5. So important for your own health to laugh and be happy. There is so much research on positive psychology that confirms that you can influence others with your laughter, kindness, and positive approach. Glad you are spreading your love of life and laugther.

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  6. There’s a lot of scientific literature on ‘toxic’ people. Don’t try to make them happy. Don’t try to fix them. They will never meet you in your terms. They are never at fault. Often, all you can do is cut them out of your life completely. Often they have narcissistic personality disorder characterized by an extreme inability to view their own behavior from another person’s perspective.


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