Winter…it’s all in your attitude.


moldiv_1453129117391.jpgOkay, so as I was running today on this -18 windchill winter day.  First of all I was very happy, second of all, I got to thinking how so many people these days talk about how much they dread and hate winter!  I know, probably most of you are reading this right now and going “Yeah, so??

Hating or loving winter is all about your attitude.  Believe it or not, I also used to hate winter, but then when I had children, and saw the joy they got out of it, I decided to change my attitude and learn to embrace it.  Now, I love it and enjoy it when it’s here.  It makes life happier when you embrace it rather than dread it and just wait for it to be over!  Why would you choose to wish away 4 months of every year of your life?

One reason so many people hate it so much is because they complain about how cold they are.  My answer to that, “Then dress appropriately for it!!”  We live in Canada and here we are blessed with 4 different seasons and I would never want to live anywhere else!  I look at people walking around in their light winter coats, with no hat or gloves on, and fashionable (but not warm) “winter” boots.  Part of your attitude change should be to go out and invest in proper winter gear for the 4 seasons you live in.  Find stuff that you love and feel good wearing.

2015-04-27_20.13.28.jpgWhen I am running at the lakefront and I pass by other walkers or runners, you know what?, they are dressed for it, and we greet each with a smile and a “Hi!”.  A tip, find an activity you could enjoy doing outside in the winter.  For those of us who have, the winter months are something to look forward to.  You don’t see snow boarders, skiers, walkers and runners out there not dressed appropriately because they have embraced it.  Once you are prepared for it, it is invigorating and wonderful to breath in that fresh winter air rather than the stale indoor air we breath for months on end.

One thing I like to do is to think about how children are dressed to go out and play in the snow, then adapt this to yourself.  Also, think about how happy kids are when they are playing in the snow; they aren’t thinking about how cold it is outside, they are just having fun moving around and enjoying themselves.

On a sunny, cold winter day to run and look at the sun glistening off the water while the cold air meets the warmer water and there is steam rising!  Man, there’s nothing like the beauty of that in my eyes.

I am going to say this again, because I think maybe some of you think I’m a few trees short of a forest for saying so, but not only have I embraced winter, but I look forward to it!  I made a conscious choice to change my attitude and I truly enjoy the beauty of every season.

Join me in finding the beauty in winter… is sooooo worth it!  




5 thoughts on “Winter…it’s all in your attitude.

  1. While I’m a great lover of the summer sun and heat, in part because I suffer badly in the cold, I still enjoy winter. Over the past few years I’ve really come to appreciate that life is full of cycles and you need each one to balance the others.

    Winter is about drawing in, letting things go through their final decay and renewing in readiness for the coming of spring and a new cycle of growth. Once you understand what each part of a cycle has to offer and what role that plays in our lives, how can you not appreciate it?

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  2. Have to agree with how important it is to dress comfortably rather than fashionably! No way to feel warm in winter if you are wearing skinny jeans – and how can you be no matter how “cool” you may look if you are really uncomfortably cold?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog – ajmccready

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