Why do I do it?


wpid-wp-1445804955697.jpegPeople often ask me “What are you training for?” when they realize that I am always running and exercising.  My answer to them?  “Life, being the best mom/wife/daughter/friend I can be!”  I truly believe that to be the best person I can be I need to exercise.  For me it is more than just about keeping my physical shape/appearance in check, it is also about keeping my emotional well-being healthy.  For me, I have learned how incredibly important it is for me to take time each day for myself, and that exercise is my outlet for working through my thoughts and feelings.
I love it and I need it! It’s as simple as that!
If  I am not feeling myself, and have gone out for a run, most times, by the time I return home, I am both physically and emotionally in a better place.

Many people don’t take this important time for themselves. Always making excuses that they are too busy, that they can’t afford to.  As far as I’m concerned I can’t afford NOT to take this time for myself.  I learned when my children were very young that if I wanted to be the best mom /person for everyone important in my life, I needed to schedule in time for myself every day.  Since I made exercise a priority in my life, I truly believe that everyone who knows me benefits.

I think that some people think with me exercise is a bit of an obsession.  It’s not.  I need it, and trust me, when I am injured or sick and can’t exercise I am not happy.

That’s my advice for of the day.  Take care of yourself so you can be the best person to everyone in your life. Everyone will benefit. Trust me😆


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