Run, rest, recover, repeat 😆


wpid-moldiv_1430096752604.jpgIf you know me well, you know that I love to keep fit and be healthy.    What you also need to know is that in order to be healthy,  it is just as important to take rest days.  If you don’t, you end up injured; trust me, I know this one from experience😆.

In order for you to get stronger and recover after a good, hard workout you need to have rest days in between. Rest days don’t have to mean no exercise,  they could also mean lighter, easier exercise.

Another good idea is to vary what do. For example,  if you are a cyclist, runner, dancer, try varying this on 1 or 2 days with cross-training.  Instead of running, go cycling, or walking. Do one of my at-home interval training sessions, or the core body workout I posted a while back.  If you are on a less intense day, just cut the intensity, or the reps of exercises.

One last point is that I am also a big believer in strength training.   I make sure to do an exercise session at least 1×/week, doing push-ups,  squats, lunges etc.  As I’ve mentioned before, for this you can either use your own body weight, bands, or weights for resistance.

What is most important?? That you are doing something to keep active and that you enjoy it!   Also, that you make time to rest and recover!  

Please find something that you enjoy, and gets you up and moving and don’t become one of the “sedentary” statistics.

Feel free to join me anytime, I’m always up for a good workout!😆🍰

As always, comments and feedback are always welcome. 


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