Did I…..? Short and sweet


wpid-2015-08-10-16.49.55.jpg.jpegWhen both of my children were younger I found myself repeatedly asking them if they did certain things before they left for school each morning. After verbally asking them each day and having them still forget, I decided I had to try another approach.

I decided to write each one out a list of what they needed to have done (not automatic things) before leaving each day.

I would put it on each of their walls at their eye level right below their light switch so it was the last thing they saw before leaving their room. I find children respond to, and work very well when given visuals.

This definitely worked and I no longer had to ask them these questions every day.  Not only that, but these checked off items became a habit for them eventually.

I use visuals a lot and find that we can all use them in our lives.

Simple ideas like this help to make life easier for us all.


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