Organized space = Family Time



This is likely the room where you and your family spend most of your time.  The room where you are likely to read, watch t.v., and just spend time with each other; hence the name “family room”.

Sometimes it can be a challenge to keep this room neat and tidy, but if you have less “stuff” there is less to clutter your space!  Ideally you have chairs, couches, end tables, a coffee table and/or ottoman, and shelving.  Stick to the basics and don’t add unnecessary items, this just adds more stuff to keep tidy, and bang into.

A general rule here is to keep “like” items together.  Keep all your papers, magazines, and books in a basket.  Keep all remote controls grouped together in one location, such as on the coffee table or in a stand or pouch designed for them.  If you get in the habit of doing this, they won’t get lost!  At the end of the night, make sure they are all in their spot together.

Fold blankets and put them either in an ottoman/box, or on the back of chairs, or couches.


DSCF2179Keep your entertainment centre organized by grouping similar items together.  If you have a lot of DVD’s, or electronic games, invest in decorative boxes and group them accordingly.  Keep DVD’s in boxes under your DVD player, keep (e.g.) Wii games in a box under your Wii. It is also useful to store your extra wires and cords you may need in your entertainment unit.

All in all, this space should be family-friendly, and most of all comfortable for you all.  By changing your habits and starting to keep things in designated places, there will be less wasted time arguing, and looking for lost or misplaced items, and more time spent enjoying family time or just relaxing!


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