Bagel Time!


I have had a few requests from my followers to post some of my recipes. I really enjoy cooking and baking and have many delicious recipes I’m happy to share.

The one I’ll post today is for home-made bagels.

First of all,  I use a bread maker to make my dough, so that makes for 1 easy first step!  However, if you don’t have a breadmaker you can do so without.

Here are my step-by-step instructions with photos:

Prepare dough using your favourite bagel dough recipe.  I use:

1c warm water

1 1/2t saltwpid-2015-07-29-19.38.01.jpg.jpeg

2T white sugar

2c whole wheat flour

1c white flour

2 1/4t yeast


Once dough is ready, place on a lightly floured surface. Pinch off 9-12 equal sized balls of dough.  Roll each into a ball, flatten between hands, then poke a hole in the centre with thumb and finger and stretch out a little. Cover with a towel, and leave to rise in a warm place until they have doubled in size.




Now that they have doubled in size, it’s time to boil them!

wpid-2015-07-29-19.38.44.jpg.jpegBring a large pot of water with 3T of sugar to a boil.  Boil 3-4 bagels at once for 1 minute, then flip and boil for another minute.





Remove from water and place on a cooling rack. Place boiled bagels on a baking sheet sprinkled with 2T of cornmeal.  Lightly brush on a thin layer of olive oil.  if desired, you could sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds also.  Bake at 400° for 15 min. until golden.



There you have it,  yummy, chewy, home-made bagels!

**Since these are fresh with no preservatives, I like to either eat within a day or 2, or freeze them.


Do you have any more blog requests?  I’d love some feedback, comments, and ideas from my followers.


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