I’m a runner


Okay, first of all everyone always assumes I have always been a runner.  But the truth is, I  didn’t  even start exercising until my mid 20’s!  Plus, I  didn’t start running until I was 30ish or start enjoying it until my mid 30’s!   🙂

Now I am a runner who runs 4-5 times a week then cross-trains 1-2 times a week.  For my cross training I do a variety of things depending on the season, the weather, and my mood!  I personally think it’s important to have variety in your workouts. It adds interest and curbs boredom! 

I vary my ruwpid-moldiv_1433715629490.jpgns from day-to-day, but have a basic goal in mind for the number of kilometres I want to run in a week.  I am generally not training for anything, just do it to keep myself fit and healthy; also because I firmly believe it is setting a very positive example for our 2 children.

When I cross train in the summer I will often do workouts at a local place that has 2 sets of stairs and 2 hill paths leading up to a large grassed area at the top.  During these workouts I will do a certain number of stair and hill interval runs (as fast as I feel), then I will do a variety of exercises at the top.  These exercises are push-ups, the superman, squats,lunges, running backward, and anything else I can think of that only requires myself and my strength!

When I cross train at home I will do cardio using either my stationary bike, or my elliptical machine.  After cardio I generally do a variety of weight exercises using dumbbells and/or a medicine ball.  I like to do 1 set of exercises covering each muscle group.  Then after a very short break I rewpid-2015-07-13-11.58.35.jpg.jpegpeat the set.  I vary the weight exercises I do every few months so my body doesn’t get too used to them, and also to keep it interesting!

Okay, so the reason I explained at the beginning how this is all relatively new to me was to show my readers that it is never to late to try something new! Who knows, give it a try, you may love it too!

Do any of my followers want to join me or need some motivation to get started?  Just ask! I already have one friend joining me on my cross-training days! Let me know, I love to help motivate others to get started😆.


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