What time is it? Summertime, it’s a vacation!



YAY!  Summer is finally here!  I love most things about summer, the sun, the heat, the lake, vacations, no school!  It’s a time where many people take vacations, get to spend time with family, and spend time outdoors and are hopefully becoming active.

Everyone is busy making plans for the summer; trips they are going to go on, places they want to see, day trips to the beach etc. What you also need to do is have some goals in mind of how to get active outside and moving.  The best times are in the cooler mornings before work, or the evenings after work or dinner.

If you set yourself some weekly goals and write them down, you are more likely to actually do them.  Also, as I have mentioned before, getting a friend on board to get active with is a fantastic way to start and maintain activities.  Find a suitable friend or neighbour and get together to make a plan.       “What mornings/nights are good?, What do we want to do?  Walk, bike, run, swim?”

If you have children and/or a partner, get them involved!  The more we work together to get active, the better. Also, by being active as a family you are setting a good example for them, and those around you. 

If you live near the lake as I do, we have a waterfront pathway that is very well maintained year round, which therefore helps keep people active!  Having a beautiful, scenic, well maintained place to exercise is a huge advantage for me and I fully admit that many times that is what I am drawn to, to get me outside and keeping active.  For myself and my family it is all about fresh air and exercise to staying healthy.

But, I do realize that not everyone is blessed with a beautiful waterfront, but if you love your neighbourhood, or a park close by get out there and get moving!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my goal with this blog is to motivate you to…….Get up, get moving, and live, love your life!

Is it working??? 🙂




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