Working it off at the cottage


Moldiv_1432160516519Okay, so I don’t know about you, but when I am at the cottage, or on any vacation for that matter :), I consume more than normal.  Therefore, there is nothing that makes me feel better than to fit in some sort of workout, to burn some of it off, and re-energize me for some more!

I don’t always feel like slogging through a long run, and I don’t have my stationary bike or elliptical at the cottage so instead I just use what I’ve got and do a short, but intense workout.

The workout I did here consisted of running short hills, with a push-up/squat ladder.  I started with 10 push-ups at the bottom of the hill/driveway, run up the hill/driveway and do 1 bodyweight squat, run down the hill and do 9 push-ups, then back up the hill and 2 squats (I continued this until I had done 1 push-up at the bottom and 10 squats at the top)

I have to say, it was exhausting, but sooooooooo worth it!! I was done in 20 minutes, but yet, it was intense and I felt amazing when I was done! You’ll be so very glad you did it!  Trust me!  ……then you can be like me, and go indulge some more 😉


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