Making “Good mornings” better.





Mornings can be the busiest time of the day for many families. So, what I like to do is prepare as much as I can the night before.

The first thing I do is get the coffee maker set up and ready to go with mugs and vitamins ready and waiting.

The next thing I do is get out lunch/snack bags and line them up on the counter. From here I get out the containers I am goung to use.

I then cut up fruits and vegetables and divide them into the containers.  If you can, make sandwiches or salads the night before too. I then fill water bottles and put all this stuff into the fridge ready to go for the morning.

If you use prepackaged snacks get them next and put them in the bags.

One tip you could try is to make a quick list of  healthy snacks and  lunch food ideas, and put the number each person needs beside each, and post it on your fridge.  This way, if you are feeling exceptionally tired, you can just pull a “no-brainer” and quickly grab whichever of these items you have on hand.  Having the list readily available will take the leg and brain work out of this task!

The last thing I do is put out bowls and spoons for the cereal!

That’s it! It all takes me only about 10-15 minutes, but in the morning I just have to fill the bags, eat, and get everyone out the door.

I still have plenty of evening time left to put my feet up and chill!


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