Organized Home = Safer Winter Driving?


Moldiv_1424565192505I say yes!

Reducing clutter and keeping organized helps make space for what you do need.
It can even help keep areas clear that many people use for storage but are supposed to have other uses.
Such as your garage!
That’s right, my organized home allows me to keep our garage clear, and what does that mean?  It means we have room to park our car in the garage.  What does that mean during this cold, and snowy winter?  It means I don’t have to wipe snow off the car every time I go out. What does that mean?  A snow free car, with snow free windows, which makes it easier to see, and therefore allows for safer driving.  Not only that, it saves time and energy on those busy winter mornings when, to be safe, you also need to leave earlier and drive slower 🙂

So there you have it, keeping your home organized inside and out makes you a safer winter driver! Who knew?

Can you make room to get your car into the garage?  

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