Plugs, and Cords, and Powerbars…..Oh My!!!



I learned a tip a few years back that I think is simple and easy for anyone to do.  Everyone has power bars in their house that are loaded up with cords.  Well, using those milk bag ties you throw out each week, instead, write on each what the cord is for in permanent marker and plug the cord in .  Keep the tie at the power bar end so that when you want to unplug something, you can just quickly look to see which one it is and do it!  None of this”…….is this the cord for the monitor???”
Another quick tip I learned is to attach binder clips to where you keep your mobile devices plugged in and this keeps the cord handy to plug anything in easily! 🙂

fit2borganized can also be found on pinterest!  Pin me!! 🙂


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