Post-holiday toy purge. Now’s the time to do it!



Christmas is over, and with all the new toys your children acquired, now is the perfect time to go through old toys.

Here are some general rules I like to apply to this task:

  • 1-in 1-out rule – if they add a new toy they must get rid of 1 toy.  Very important……stick to this!
  • Go through toys every 3 months and rotate where they are kept (rotate all your toys between all the rooms containing toys:  playroom, bedroom, basement).In my experience just shifting their placement brings new life to a “forgotten” toy. While you are going through them, choose toys that they have outgrown to donate (first remove the toy from their play area for a month or so, and if they don’t ask about it, donate!)  Note:  go through children’s toys without them; if you ask them whether or not they want it, they will!  Children will make up/find an emotional attachment to anything!!)
  • If you are unable to part with your children’s toys without asking them, go through the toys with them a couple of times a year and ask them instead to find a certain number of (eg. 5) toys they are willing to donate to a needy child or shelter.
  • Keep play areas organized with labelled boxes/bins/crates.  This way your children will know where the toys go when they are done with them.
  • Designate areas for certain toys, and group like items together.  For example, have a craft area with a bin/shelving unit available with all the supplies they will need to do their crafts. Designate a Lego area, doll area, kitchen area, and so on.  Keeping “like” items together makes it both easier for play and clean-up!
  • Implement the rule that they can make as much mess/play as hard as they like….as long as the toys get put away properly, and by them, when they are done.
  • Throw away broken toys immediately.

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5 thoughts on “Post-holiday toy purge. Now’s the time to do it!

  1. I love the “one in one out” rule! Right now I’m able to give away a lot of Jacob’s toys as he’s mostly just playing Lego. But now my issue is how to organize all of this Lego as it slowly takes over my house!! I’ll have to hit you up for some ideas!

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