“Christmas lights” = GONE after Christmas!!! People please!!🙏🙏



Okay, so maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t think so.  Who out there agrees that after the Christmas season is over, the lights should be turned off and come down???

One major pet peeve of mine is to see people’s Christmas lights still up in May!  Come on people!  Get off your butts and get them down already!

There are always some mild, or at least nice winter days where you can get out there and get them down.  Maybe putting a due date in your calendar would help (say Jan.31st at the latest!!) you actually get it done.

Now, a couple of tips to keep the cords from tangling into a big ball (like Chevy Chase on Christmas Vacation…).  Using a larger box from one of your Christmas presents, cut the large side out and carefully wrap the lights around it.  You should also write on it where they came from and/or how many strands are there.

After you have your lights all wrapped around these boxes put them into an old zippered quilt/duvet bag, or other clear bag that you can see or label.

Keep your other outdoor decorations and lights all together and clearly marked so that the job will be easier each year.


3 thoughts on ““Christmas lights” = GONE after Christmas!!! People please!!🙏🙏

  1. Definitely a pet peeve!!! I take everything down right away. The moment decent weather hits, down goes the outdoor decorations. A tip that I have is only put up what you can handle. If it’s too much to take it all down after Christmas then maybe put less up next year! I love the use of the clear quilt bag!

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