Piles of Paper…..Part 2





Deal with mail now.  Most mail these days is either junk-mail, the odd bill, card, or invitation.  Deal with these as they arrive.

Bills – First of all, everyone should register to receive and pay their bills on-line.  I say this for many reasons:

  • It reduces the dreaded “paper pile –up”!
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • It could save you money – some companies are now charging for bills to be mailed out.
  • It is WAY easier to sit at home and log in and receive/pay the bill rather than the time, energy, and money you put into mailing them, or going out to pay your bills.

It is very easy to set reminders on your phone, computer, and tablet to make sure these are dealt with on time.

Ads/flyers(mail ads…not to be confused with newspaper flyers) – Go through as you get them.  Don’t put them in a pile to deal with later, because you won’t!  It is easier to look now and get them over-with.  It shouldn’t take longer than a minute! When you receive those neighbourhood mailings of all the coupons and services available in your area, review right away and BE REALISTIC…if there is a coupon you will use save it in your **coupon clip or file it.  Otherwise recycle these.

**coupon clip-I keep a magnetic clip on the side of my fridge of local restaurant coupons and deals.  As new ones come in, or as the month passes and they expire, I get rid of them.  If I notice I am saving the same ones and never using them, I no longer save them.  You could also keep a file of local restaurant take-out menus so that you have these on file if you order in a lot.  (it is easier and produces less clutter if you just do it all on-line though!)

Cards or invitations – Make a note of the date and any important details on a calendar (online, digital, or physical), then dispose of the invitation.  No sense keeping a piece of paper just for a date! Christmas cards – fold the back in half and hang over your pictures in the living room or display wherever.  Birthday cards – I usually leave out on display for 2 weeks, then discard.

School paperwork – Go through school papers that day; make notes of dates on a calendar, then file.  I keep a small file holder in my kitchen where I have a colour coded file for each child for trips, or classroom information.  Review these files monthly or whenever the trip has happened then get rid of the form.


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