Making weekly tasks attainable


Set weekly (attainable) goals for yourself when it comes to keeping your house clean

Instead of leaving all of your cleaning/chores for the weekend, break tasks up so they are less overwhelming.  Create a list of what you want cleaned weekly or biweekly, and schedule a little bit on a few different days. For example, if you have 3 bathrooms, the kitchen, and floors as your main cleaning priorities to do weekly or biweekly, pick 3-4 different days to do these, rather than your whole weekend. Writing it in your planner also helps you to actually get the job done. Cleaning and chores are way less overwhelming when you break them up rather than tackling them all at one time.

I personally love to make lists!  Sometimes just writing stuff down makes it more of a priority and then I will actually do it!  I love to cross stuff off of lists, so by writing it down, I’ll get it done just so I can cross it off my list!  Sad but true!! 🙂

A very important tip I always tell people is maintenance is key. By doing weekly chores, the total cleaning time will be less than if you were to do it once a month.  Each week when I clean, it is mostly just wiping/dusting and disinfecting surfaces.  I don’t have to scrub hard and use major “elbow grease” as it doesn’t get that dirty in a week.  (Well, at least it shouldn’t! 🙂 )

The other chores you can plan on doing less frequently, depending on your family (eg. Dusting…or as I call it “shifting the dust” 1-2x per month, window cleaning, or wiping baseboards…side note….I was once told that you can tell the cleanliness of someone’s house based upon the state of their baseboards!……not sure if I fully believe this, but I have to say, since I heard this I give them a quick wipe once in a while!!)

 Comments, or questions are welcome! Thanks so much to those of you who have taken the time to do so, it is much appreciated!!



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