Seasonal Clothing Swap-out



With the change of season upon us, this is the best time to go through your clothing you are taking out of your drawers (summer items), and putting into your drawers (fall/winter items).  Now is the time to get rid of unwanted, unworn, worn-out, or dated clothing items.

As you take clothes out, critically go through them asking yourself:

A) Did I wear this more than once this season? and will I honestly ever wear it again?

B) Is it still in fashion, or is it now out-dated?

C) Is it worn out, “pilly”, or thread-bare?

D)  Do I have at least one more like it already?

E) Is it comfortable, and do I feel good about myself when I wear it?

Any items that you are done with just donate them now! Donating clothing is so easy these days as there are at least 3 companies that will regularly call you and come to your door to pick up your stuff!!  But, if you want to do it before you lose your nerve, drive to  your local charity or second hand shop and make your donation there!

If you love something, but it doesn’t fit, put it in a designated box (labelled) for now and every year go through this box to check if the items fit.  If you do this for a few years and the items still don’t fit, donate!

After you have critically gone through your clothes, you need to store the clothing coming out.  If you have room for them, under bed storage bins or large, sealed bags are your best option.  If not, at least use large, well-labelled plastic bins and store them where you have room.

Another idea is to have a clothing swap with a friend of similar size (what you are tired of or doesn’t fit you, she may LOVE). Better yet, start up an annual clothing-swap party where everyone gets to go through each others things!  This will save money and be better for the environment!!

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2 thoughts on “Seasonal Clothing Swap-out

  1. good idea to critically go through your clothes. If you didn’t wear it last year or this year well then you’re not going to wear it next year!! I call clothesline every spring and fall. they come right to your door. what’s better than that??

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